Founded in 2016, Aeolian is a metal band based in Mallorca. They are trying 
to raise awareness of the need to protect our damaged and fragile environment 
through their music and lyrics. Their main musical influence can be described
as a combination of Scandinavian and melodic death metal with elements of black 
and folk metal.

So far, they have shared the stage with bands such as Crisix, Ereb Altor, Cannibal 
Grandpa, Helevorn, Herbstschatten and Saturnus in different live shows in Mallorca, 
Ibiza and Leipzig. Also performing at the Full Metal Holiday in 2019.

Their debut album ‘Silent Witness’ was released on September 12th 2018 by the Finnish 
record label Snow Wave. This work was mixed and produced by Miquel A. Riutort (Mega) 
(The Unity, Cryptosy, The Agonist, Vltimas) at Psychosomatic Recording Studio and 
mastered by Tomi Toivonen at Raivio Sound Finland. ‘Silent Witness’ had good reviews 
from the specialised music press all over the world:

Hellfire Magazine: “For me, it’s the debut album of the year.”

GBHBL: “An incredibly great album.”

Metal Temple: “’Silent Witness’ is creative, thoughtful, unique and well written.”

Blessed Altar Zine: “…one of the strongest debut albums of the year.” 

Now, they have already finished their second album titled ‘The Negationist’ 
where darkness and hope merge in an introspective trip marked by the damage 
we are doing to our own planet and how this is affecting us severely. This album 
has been mixed and produced by Miquel A. Riutort (Mega) (The Unity, Cryptosy, 
The Agonist, Vltimas) at Psychosomatic Recording Studio and mastered by Dan Swano 
at Unisound Studios. The cover artwork has been done by Juanjo Castellano Rosado 
(The Black Dahlia Murder, Gates of Ishtar, Trident).

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